Philadelphia Experiment/Millenium

Rufus, James and Billy review Philadelphia Experiment (1984, dir. Stewart Raffill) and Millenium (1989, dir. Michael Anderson) in this time travel episode so intense it was lost in history only to be found and released today!

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Rufus de Rham

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A film archivist who writes about Korean film, Rufus is also a programmer, Operations Manager, and head of the Asian Film Preservation Fund for Subway Cinema.
  • Caleb McCandless

    I just have to say I kind of love The Philadelphia Experiment. It combines the fish-out-of-water elements from Back to the Future with the basic outline of The Final Countdown to tell a pretty silly story that I find pretty compelling and fun. I love Michael Pare and Nancy Allen, and I love than Steven Tobolowsky has a cameo. I also like that it’s basically Back to the Future, but backwards (I – like most of you it seems – hate Back to the Future Part II, at least the futuristic half). I like that this doesn’t overdo the fish-out-of-water aspect, but I felt it coming through effectively. I owe both this and Millennium a re-watch, but being a big time-travel movie nerd, and therefore incapable of making best-of lists, I’d have to say Philadelphia Experiment would be in my top ten time travel films.

    Love the podcast, so glad you’re back!